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Call of the mountains

Some of my best photography in recent years has been in the mountains…

Although I feel I’ve hit a rut in recent years with my photography, I think my work in the mountains on ski-trips has been the saving grace. There are a couple of reasons for this – firstly it’s just an inspiring place to be in the Alps, but having the right equipment set-up is important too. It’s really hard to keep stopping for shots while you’re skiing with a group. In years gone by I’ve packed an SLR in a backpack then stopped unstrapped for shots. But that’s incredibly inconvenient and results in getting left behind and even lost. So I found I just didn’t bother and as a result took few photos. I’ve also tried a toughened, weather-proof compact camera.  So a few years ago I invested in a compact system camera, with a ‘holster’ type case that loops onto a belt. It’s the perfect compromise and as a result I’ve been able to quickly release it and get the shot.

The first set here were taken in Cervinia this February. It was my first ski trip to Italy, and probably the best. I was with a great group of gents from near Liverpool, conditions were good, scenery unparalleled and food excellent. Surprisingly I thought the food was better than that in the French Alps.



batch_P1240434 copper

batch_P1240510 copy_spring

batch_P1240581batch_P1240614cropbatch_P1240617 copybatch_P1240611batch_P1240610 copybatch_P1240591 copy



batch_R0330017Morzine, 2015

batch_IMG_20150218_143104 batch_IMG_20150218_135951 batch_IMG_20150218_132133 batch_IMG_20150218_131141 batch_IMG_20150218_123151

batch_IMG_20150218_165326 batch_IMG_20150218_160749 batch_IMG_20150218_154157 batch_IMG_20150218_152802 batch_IMG_20150218_151947 batch_IMG_20150218_145711






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