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My name is Andrew Czyzewski I’m a Yorkshireman living in London working as a journalist specialising in science and technology.

I got into photography in around 2003 after talking an optional module in the topic whilst studying for a science degree at Nottingham University. I was hooked from there. We we taught on manual film SLR cameras, which I still believe is the best way to learn about the fundamentals of light and exposure. I keep saying I’ll return to film someday, but in reality I’m a fully-fledged technophile and there’s no turning back from digital photography now.

I think my strongest work is architecture and I feel most at home snapping away in any classical European city with a rich history. I’ve always done landscapes and nature, but to get really good required oodles of patience and planning, not to mention expensive equipment.

Photoshop just part of the package now for 99% photographers, myself included. Digital cameras can’t take images with as much latitude as film, and so you do need some mods simply to get them to faithfully replicate the scene you saw with your eye. That’s what I aim for: the natural  look.

Although I’ve done a little work for photography magazines, I consider myself a hobbyist first and foremost and I would never want to sacrifice the love I for this thing for the sake of a few quid. That said, I always find myself fantasising about life as a high-profile pro photographer and If the right opportunities came along of course it would be tempting.



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